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To Dream In Color Solo Show by Ardith Goodwin


A vivid imagination is a terrible thing to waste.  I think about this phrase often when I am creating my figures and the stories that go along with them. There are moments that I wonder just how many friends I carry with me in the nooks and crannies of my creative heart most days. Figures […]

14 years ago I wish I knew then what I know now about choosing to be a self taught artist. My journey has been filled with learning experiences about creativity, skills, business, marketing, people, and the challenges that go with even owning the label of being self-taught.  Because I am a voracious learner, I committed […]

Finding a unique mark making tool to me is like finding the Golden Egg on Easter….a prize that puts a smile on my face so wide it might crack open. I constantly seek them out, and lately, I have been making quite a few. Last week, I opted to try making some with ceramics, and […]

Paper and I have this thing. There is something visceral and palliative that I feel in my bones when I manipulate and work with paper, especially when the marks flow and dance across it. Over the past 11 years I have come to adore, love, hold sacred the use of paper in the art process. […]

I am in the throes of summer and my outdoor studio is in full swing. Yes, I live in lower Alabama and YES, it is hot as Hades some days, but there are reasons that it is the best studio ever for me.  First: I made a decision to paint BIG this summer and had […]

Did you hear that? If you heard someone hooping and hollering with glee then you most likely heard me all the way from Alabama being thrilled that this week has finally arrived.  21 Secrets 2014 Kicks off April 1 and the workshops are going to be amazing! Each one seems to flow into the next […]


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