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29 Faces Challenge Day 4


Sketching throughout a magazine, especially when the cover has such juicy color or pattern, is one of my favorite ways to recycle and practice my craft. I was drawn to the red and pattern of this cover and decided it would make a unique ‘flesh’ for the face I would sketch. The clock was set […]

I came across this “My Yellow Pages” address book at Goodwill last week and the page color resonated with me that it would make a unique monochromatic art journal. I decided I would keep it by my bed and use it to sketch in with graphite or Sharpie, just seeing where the color, line and […]

I am just going to say it, drawing the correct perspective and proportions is a pain in the butt! With that said, it is also a vital one to the artist if one is to master the skill of drawing to make things look the way they are. To a painter who works in realism, […]


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