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Simple Tip – Use Your Non-Dominant Hand


As I teach young ones each day I pay close attention to the process they use to create art, especially the intuitive process. Because my grades span from 3-6, I pick up on the distinct difference of a young child creating from pure imagination to the older child wanting to get it right and asking, […]

#SimpleTips Woooohooooo! I love a great paper swap because checking the mail is like Christmas Morning all over again. My new artist friend, Susan Libertiny, swapped hand painted papers with me and I am swooning over all the gorgeousness she sent my way. Can….not….WAIT to turn these into a  painting!  Visited my local Lowes for […]

#SimpleTips Say the words “Shaving Cream” to a group of kids and what do you get? TOTAL EXCITEMENT! My 6th graders were introduced to contour lines last week and I knew I wanted to introduce them to contour sketching in real life this week. My choice was to use shaving cream for several reasons: It […]


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