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New Liquitex Paint Markers


Who says kids have all the fun at Christmas time? I was gifted some Liquitex Paint Markers and along with my Montana ones, I was set to have some fun! For those who aren’t aware, these markers are acrylic based so they go swell with any type of acrylic or mixed media type of artwork. […]

Watercolors can be really expensive, especially if you use professional grade paints such as Holbein, Daniel Smith, or Windsor Newton. I have palettes at home because I use tube paints and had previously used a Van Gogh travel palette with pans which I had for eons and loved, but I really missed my favorite paints […]

Somewhere between the dream of a perfect studio and the frustration of not exactly having one right about now gave me some new insight today in just how good I have it. Yep, there are artists who paint in about 4 square feet, some only have a milk crate with supplies, and some simply have […]


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