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To Wreck A Painting And Find It’s Path


What does it mean to be willing to wreck a piece you love to find the brilliance you stopped short of? A few years ago I painted the piece below as part of a sister/brother pair called “The Sentient Twins,” and I LOVED them. They are part of the children’s book I am ever so […]

Why do we, as a species, find it a need to make marks? What part of our existence, or wiring, or connection with one another makes it necessary to make our own marks of being? I ponder these questions, at length, because I believe it is important, especially as an artist, to understand the pattern […]

Oh, the joy of painted paper! What’s even better, swapping some of it with other artists! Today I spent a great deal of fun with a few artists up at The Art Center at Lavretta Park hand painting large sheets of table paper to use in collage work. Imagine, art time in grade school, crayons, […]

The night was cool, the gallery was festive, and we had a grand time in the “Painting With A Credit Card” class. During the holidays, I am choosing to teach one day workshops that will give students experience with painting and mixed media techniques but not require vast amounts of skill knowledge or supplies. Students, […]

This weekend was a riot of a time as I painted through a few new mixed media techniques in miniature sizes, you can read about those fruit paintings HERE. In preps for a larger painting, I increased the paper size today to an 8″ by 10″ and painted in a series as well, but changed […]

Intuitive painting comes easily to some and others, not so much. For me, it is pretty much how I begin all my abstracts and I enjoy connecting with that artistic spirit from within. There are times though that my intuition gets cluttered, I stop listening, I get to painting, and I go way overboard when […]


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