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Deeply Thankful


For anyone who has lived through incredible trauma or repeatedly had to ‘overcome’ much in life I would harbor a guess that you can relate to how I feel lately….like life is too good to be true. You see, I lived so many moments not knowing how the next one would turn out, that ‘unpredictable’ […]

Art(ology) Gallery and Gifts 306 Dauphin Street I often find it amazing how opportunity comes knocking at the door when it’s least expected. Many times this has happened in my life, but because my health has been fragile, I had to watch those opportunities come and go. This past month was no different, except the […]

Bienville Square Fountain   Mobile, Alabama has got to be one of the most lovely cities I have ever seen. As a child, all I remember about it was lots and lots of pine straw, nettles that gave me a rash, the humidity, and dirt. Most likely that stemmed from growing up in the country […]


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