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Take A Walk Along the Coast by Ardith Goodwin


Paper and I have this thing. There is something visceral and palliative that I feel in my bones when I manipulate and work with paper, especially when the marks flow and dance across it. Over the past 11 years I have come to adore, love, hold sacred the use of paper in the art process. […]

This week I start Flora Bowley’s online workshop and the nature of that experience is that the canvases need to be big. Because I have such space issues at home, I knew this would be the time to set up my outdoor studio at Dulcinea. My hubs erected the backer board for me and I […]

The night was cool, the gallery was festive, and we had a grand time in the “Painting With A Credit Card” class. During the holidays, I am choosing to teach one day workshops that will give students experience with painting and mixed media techniques but not require vast amounts of skill knowledge or supplies. Students, […]

Intuitive painting comes easily to some and others, not so much. For me, it is pretty much how I begin all my abstracts and I enjoy connecting with that artistic spirit from within. There are times though that my intuition gets cluttered, I stop listening, I get to painting, and I go way overboard when […]

To me, art can be so much more than a pretty picture. Words carry power with them just as much as an image and on certain occasions I choose to combine both to create a gift that is much more than an object. Rather, it is a combination of time I spent in celebration of […]

It isn’t often that I am not asleep when my head hits the pillow but tonight was one of those nights where the wheels were turning so fast one thought couldn’t catch up before another had passed it by. Creative angst is common among artists, at least most I know, and I pretty much believe […]


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