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To Wreck A Painting And Find It’s Path


What does it mean to be willing to wreck a piece you love to find the brilliance you stopped short of? A few years ago I painted the piece below as part of a sister/brother pair called “The Sentient Twins,” and I LOVED them. They are part of the children’s book I am ever so […]

Teaching my students the importance of play when it comes to understanding the heart of an artist is one of the most important lessons I can send forth. So many times they want to capture the realism of an object to help their minds reinforce the “I am now an artist” mindset, but I nudge […]

Simple Tips Post!  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the phrase,”But I want mine to look like that,” when I teach adults. I totally get it, we want our work to look like we have accomplished something, look like a finished painting, look like it should in own own minds. The […]

A friend asked me if I painted totally intuitively or if I had a plan and the answer was yes, and yes. What I mean by that is, I paint within a framework and then let the intuitive nature of the piece evolve, so I do both. When I first started just painting on the […]

Do blank canvases intimidate you? Depending on the size and the deadline they can emanate an ominous brooding in my world, and I tend to want to just squirt them with something to knock them down a notch. Today, rather than squirt paint, I grabbed my art journal and three smaller, much smaller (4″ by […]

I began this page early this morning and was drawn to the image by Diebenkorn of his “Woman At the Window”painting. Before I bought this book I was totally unfamiliar with him or his art, but one of the beauties of altering an art book is that it gives me a chance to read and […]


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