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Throughout this book “Perspectives on the Arts” 1961, I have enjoyed immensely getting to delve into the perceptions and points of view of the art establishment during this decade. Proust was showcased for his writings, and this morning, as I landed on the page which I would alter, I read this:  “For Marcel Proust, communication […]

I am beginning to wonder if we are spit right out of the womb with the need to compare ourselves to others. Now, I know that isn’t the case, but even in my young 3rd grade students they ask all the time, “Is it good Mrs. Goodwin?” “Is it as pretty as hers?” It stops […]

As I have aged I have learned to quiet my spirit and listen to the wind. Whispers are found there, of deep longings from my spirit, of answers to questions I refuse to ask, and of gentle nudges directing me in ways that I am blind to when my noise meter is on full blast. […]


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