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Ceramic Mark Making Tools


Finding a unique mark making tool to me is like finding the Golden Egg on Easter….a prize that puts a smile on my face so wide it might crack open. I constantly seek them out, and lately, I have been making quite a few. Last week, I opted to try making some with ceramics, and […]

Paper and I have this thing. There is something visceral and palliative that I feel in my bones when I manipulate and work with paper, especially when the marks flow and dance across it. Over the past 11 years I have come to adore, love, hold sacred the use of paper in the art process. […]

Students ask me all the time…..”How do I paint like that?” I can only imagine how many painters throughout history asked the same question….repeatedly, to their mentors, their teachers, their friends, in their own heads…they asked it. I can also hear the answer given as if it was a never ending echo that binds all […]


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