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To Honor The Wednesday 9


Today was an emotional day. When the news of the shootings in Charleston landed through my ears and on my heart I immediately sank. Another senseless shooting, another makes no sense act, and this time not only in a place of worship but due to the color of their skin. It simply brought me to […]

Throughout my connections with artists, especially those just beginning, a common core belief comes to the surface of conversations: The fact that they struggle with their significance as a person and an artist. Many of us seem to be raised with the voice in our heads that we aren’t good enough. My young third graders […]

When I was a child a couple of my aunts had trumpet angels above the doorways and I was always taken by them. They made me smile as I walked through the doorway knowing an angel was above me. I also love that trumpet angels share the good news of Christ’s birth. After many years […]

One of the concepts I am focusing on this week, thanks to my Flora Bowley intuitive painting class, is being bold and brave in my work. As I approached this weekend, I knew this conference would be a great opportunity for me to actually put that into practice, so I bravely chose to paint during a worship […]

There are days….. There are days I feel fragile, tired, worn. Those days I see angels more than others. Angels who protect, guide, comfort…. Angles who give a gentle nudge in a safe direction…. Angles who wrap their protective arms around those I love… and hold them gently…but with unwavering strength. There are days I […]

Today I chose to “Just Be.”  I chose to let go of ‘must get dones’ and embraced no agenda.  I chose to ignore the clock and watched the clouds fly by.  I chose to rake leaves BEFORE I painted.  I chose to sit and watch the world drift by with the hubs.  I chose to […]


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