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Gulf Coast Abstractions – Mixed Media Collages


Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are from growing up on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico at our family beach house on Fort Morgan. We spent summers there, running the dunes, casting the nets, floundering, and digging for periwinkles. The sand was so hot that you either had to run like […]

In the Land of Ardithian today would be one of those days that you would find me muttering under my breath the words, “Holy Cow Moly this can’t be it.”  Occasionally I get in this state, this state of being and feeling and moving through a discombobulated world and not feeling grounded or connected to […]

2011 came in quite subtle for me. Usually, I would set some goals, make some new resolutions, blah, blah, blah, but this year…..I simply let it happen. What I found was that without all the expectations I place on myself, letting life happen turned out to be one of the best ways for me to […]

I baked Edgar. Yes, dear, sweet Edgar, protector of prayers, spreader of joy, one hot looking, studly dude…I baked him. Actually, it was for his own good because had I not thrown him in that super hot oven, he would have smeared his comb over, and we just couldn’t have that now, could we? Edgar […]

I have often heard it said that I am just like my mother. There have been times I looked at the other person with the “What?” expression and then there are those times that I have said, gladly, “Yep” and proud of it. This is one of those times, but things are a bit backwards, […]

It’s official, I’m a collage/mixed media addict. There is no getting past a thrift store without scrounging around the book aisle. There is no visiting a junk/antique store without leaving filthy, loaded up with old, crusty, full of illustrations, books and magazines. There is no visiting Bienville Books without feeling like it’s crack for the […]


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