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I have been pondering the idea of why one smiles so much and why others might not. I shy away from my smile for two reasons: I am not fond of my butterball on a stick face and I have a chipped front tooth. Now before I get tons of emails about how I should […]

Reserve August 1st on your calendars from 10-12ish  to join me at Lavretta Park Art Instructional Center. I will be teaching a collage class using found, torn, and painted papers! Bricolage is the process of creating a work of art with various materials that one has on hand. I will be supplying all the materials […]

Yippie! Collage Tuesdays have returned for the next seven weeks and this line up looks to be great fun! Unlike the last six weeks, the focus this go round will be on working on projects together, step by step, with pre-selected materials. That way, I take the stress out of deciding what to make and […]


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