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I have been pondering the idea of why one smiles so much and why others might not. I shy away from my smile for two reasons: I am not fond of my butterball on a stick face and I have a chipped front tooth. Now before I get tons of emails about how I should […]

This is one of my collages from my Collage a Day series, You can read more about these here:Collage A Day Well folks, I had a blog written for today…..had worked about an hour on it, all filled with gratitude and fru fru fluffy stuff for the holidays, but……after I walked away before hitting publish […] Many friends of mine actually work towards creating a painting a day, which after much attempts at it, I found hard to get done. Yes, I do paint often, but actually painting every day was difficult and I began to marvel at their fortitude in getting it done. Then comes along a fellow artist […]


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