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Journaling, Workshops, and Sketching, Oh My!


Well, there are days and then…..there are days. If you know me personally, then most likely you know some hint of my medical journey, my miraculous medical journey. One day I will write it out, the craziness of it, the unexpected miracles along the way, but for today, I just chose to spend some time […]

I have always been fascinated with rainbows. Actually, the color spectrum seen through prisms, which can also be seen in rainbows, is the attraction, at least I thought, until I really gave some deeper thought into the significance of rainbows in my life. My perspective on both is now different, and I share it here […]

These pics above are of my lumbar spinal fusion from L4-S1. One view is on my left side and the other I a lying on my back.Well, many of you knew I traveled back up to Birmingham on the 17th with Holly for my 6 week check up. She and my Aunt Peggy went to […]


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