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New Works From My Outdoor Studio


I am in the throes of summer and my outdoor studio is in full swing. Yes, I live in lower Alabama and YES, it is hot as Hades some days, but there are reasons that it is the best studio ever for me.  First: I made a decision to paint BIG this summer and had […]

A friend asked me if I painted totally intuitively or if I had a plan and the answer was yes, and yes. What I mean by that is, I paint within a framework and then let the intuitive nature of the piece evolve, so I do both. When I first started just painting on the […]

We are in the prime of Mardi Gras season here in Mobile, the actual birthplace of Mardi Gras, and our city is celebrating carnival to the hilt. I attended my first parade in over 15 years the other night  with my dear friends Gayle, Mary Elizabeth, and Lydia, as well as meet some great new […]

Do you have a creative space that you love? Is it a studio, a gallery, or simply a spot under a shady tree where you sketch every now and then? I have a few, but one of my most favorite creative spaces is the co-op gallery, Art(ology), that I am a member of. There are […]

Wow! So much going on during April this month in the world of art! Arts Alive Festival is April 8-10th in downtown Mobile. Art(ology) will have two booths with interactive art demos on the 9th and 10th. Jennifer Norris, jeweler, will be our guest artist at Art(ology) for April and May. Her gorgeous works will […]

Art(ology) Gallery and Gifts 306 Dauphin Street I often find it amazing how opportunity comes knocking at the door when it’s least expected. Many times this has happened in my life, but because my health has been fragile, I had to watch those opportunities come and go. This past month was no different, except the […]


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