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First Art Journal Page of 2015 Speak Your Truth


Join me in the journey of being creative every day this year!  I can’t recall a year that I was so excited to begin.  2014 was pretty close, but in all of my 47 years, 2015 has the rumblings of being one of my most significant and exciting career wise. For that, I am already […]

Teaching my students the importance of play when it comes to understanding the heart of an artist is one of the most important lessons I can send forth. So many times they want to capture the realism of an object to help their minds reinforce the “I am now an artist” mindset, but I nudge […]

Breathe in Relaxation….Breathe out Everything Else….. That would be my prayer for the next two months because I am on summer break….or at least for the next 6 weeks. What this also means is that my outdoor studio gets set up which gives me the freedom to paint big, dance like mad, talk to birds, […]

It has been an incredible two days so far as Alabama is pretty much iced and snowed in. This is a view of our back yard and believe it or not, that is ice, not snow. I can’t step foot out the door because it is so dangerous to walk on so I simply enjoy […]

It’s the Deep South friends and we are hunkered down expecting an ice storm and possibly snow for the first time in 15 years. To my friends up north I say be patient with us, we southern folk are not used to the white stuff and moaning and complaining and rejoicing at the hint of […]

I am guessing, especially if you have never taken an online workshop, you are thinking, what does this online class entail and who would it benefit? If you answer yes to any of the questions below, this experience would be a meaningful one for your personal art journey:  1. Are you interested in learning new […]


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