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Simple Tip – Use Your Non-Dominant Hand


As I teach young ones each day I pay close attention to the process they use to create art, especially the intuitive process. Because my grades span from 3-6, I pick up on the distinct difference of a young child creating from pure imagination to the older child wanting to get it right and asking, […]

I just need a moment to swoon folks! My classroom has been a work in progress since August and I finally have it flowing and set up where we are able to totally enjoy it. When we walk in we smile, when we make messes we grin and clean it up, and when we make […]

I am such a fan….make that….obsessed with table paper in an art room. Having paper accessible at all times to sketch, doodle, draw, and design with lines and color is so important to any artist, even the youngest ones. For the past few weeks we have been testing out the best paper to use based […]

In less than 24 hours I walk back into the world of teaching the young. If you would have asked me a few months ago I would have said the idea wasn’t even on my radar, but the big guy upstairs placed some people in my path that nudge me in the direction of teaching […]


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