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The Power of Glazing Acrylics


Have you ever seen a painting that seemed to glow or illuminate with color that was hard to define? Chances are the artist used layers and layers of glazes to achieve a luminosity that doesn’t come out of a tube. Glazing is one of the techniques I use in every painting to achieve a depth […]

My 6 week beginning mixed media class started this past week at The Art Center at Lavretta Park! I was so excited to launch this class because it is longer than most I teach which gives me lots and lots of time to share some of the coolest mixed media techniques available. This first class […]

The night was cool, the gallery was festive, and we had a grand time in the “Painting With A Credit Card” class. During the holidays, I am choosing to teach one day workshops that will give students experience with painting and mixed media techniques but not require vast amounts of skill knowledge or supplies. Students, […]


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