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To Wreck A Painting And Find It’s Path


What does it mean to be willing to wreck a piece you love to find the brilliance you stopped short of? A few years ago I painted the piece below as part of a sister/brother pair called “The Sentient Twins,” and I LOVED them. They are part of the children’s book I am ever so […]

Today was an emotional day. When the news of the shootings in Charleston landed through my ears and on my heart I immediately sank. Another senseless shooting, another makes no sense act, and this time not only in a place of worship but due to the color of their skin. It simply brought me to […]

There are times in an artist’s life where giving back means more than any monetary price a painting could garner. I am not talking about a donation, although those can be impactful, I am talking about a choice to gift a piece of original artwork simply for the sake of having a love fest for […]

Intuitive painting comes easily to some and others, not so much. For me, it is pretty much how I begin all my abstracts and I enjoy connecting with that artistic spirit from within. There are times though that my intuition gets cluttered, I stop listening, I get to painting, and I go way overboard when […]

Somewhere between the dream of a perfect studio and the frustration of not exactly having one right about now gave me some new insight today in just how good I have it. Yep, there are artists who paint in about 4 square feet, some only have a milk crate with supplies, and some simply have […]

I have a confession to make….I am a pig! Honestly, I even have the snort and pig sounds to go along with this pitiful image. Seriously, there are reasons behind this mess….some require rationalization on my part, others require a “Come to Jesus Meeting,” with myself, but the main one is that my wonderful son […]


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