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To Wreck A Painting And Find It’s Path


What does it mean to be willing to wreck a piece you love to find the brilliance you stopped short of? A few years ago I painted the piece below as part of a sister/brother pair called “The Sentient Twins,” and I LOVED them. They are part of the children’s book I am ever so […]

WHAT A SUMMER!!!!!  I had ideas of what I hoped to accomplish this summer when the school year closed.  I wanted to paint full time, I did.  I wanted to teach workshops, I did. I wanted to work toward building my solo show for November, I did.  I wanted to travel and work with artists […]

May 18th is fast approaching and I am psyched to be teaching a mixed media workshop at the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Arts Center. We will be painting papers, creating glorious textures, and then ripping them up to create a mixed media collage on canvas! Each student will leave with a pile of painted papers […]


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