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First Art Journal Page of 2015 Speak Your Truth


Join me in the journey of being creative every day this year!  I can’t recall a year that I was so excited to begin.  2014 was pretty close, but in all of my 47 years, 2015 has the rumblings of being one of my most significant and exciting career wise. For that, I am already […]

Ever since I was a child I have had violent dreams. Some, due to life experiences, but I tend to think that the imagination which I reign in during my waking hours goes rampant when I fall asleep. My dreams are in vivid colors, many I remember in graphic details, some I wish I didn’t, […]

Another page in my Field Notes dual sketchbook. You can view the previous pages HERE.  This page was quite interesting to me, especially today when its message seemed to appear out of no where yet resonate so deeply. What first captured me was the image of the girl, and her look of being lost. The […]


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