Out of 8 Billion people in this world there is only 1 of you...your version of beautiful matters.

Out of 8 Billion people in this world there is only 1 of you...your version of beautiful matters.

Your Creativity Matters

If you have been craving finding an online space where creativity meets community meets confidence with a side of your version of different, look no further...The Push Past Ordinary Society for Creative Dreamers is just around the corner...and I am sharing the secrets of how to join here.

I help amazing Creatives define and apply their version of beautifully different, compelling, or unusual...to anything they want to create.  

— ardith

“In the Push Past Ordinary Society there are no imposters….there are only unique, authentic humans sharing their journeys of defining and using their versions of beautiful in different ways."

17 years ago I was struggling with a broken body, spirit, and loss of income and had to go on full disability. I was crushed. I turned to creativity and gave myself permission to create my way through it and that changed my life. 
Today, even with a body that has challenges, I have used my gifts and teaching to become an accomplished, successful painter and business woman.  The Push Past Ordinary Society is where all of that insight and experience comes full circle....so I can share what I learned with others who want to creatively t thrive as well. 

I used to be in the exact same spot, searching for my unique style and value in this world. 

We were never meant to be alone in our creative journey, we are designed for unique connection. That's why community matters...

but guess what...

Our community will host a bi-monthly book and movie club! Our zoom gatherings around books on creativity, arts, lifestyle, and simple, beautiful living paired with movies of the same will be our shared focus as we explore what we love, hated, and questioned. 

How do we improve our creativity? We use it! The more we engage, the more creativity we will have to use. Monthly creativity challenges from art swaps, prompt challenges, and DIY Craft Ideas are just some of the creative experiences you will be able to participate in to enhance your creative joy and connect with others. 

Here's What You'll Experience

An Engaging Book/Movie Club Experience That Will Ignite Your Creativity 

Creative  Challenges, Art Swaps, and Pop Up Shows

feature One

feature two

As a full time working artist, once a month I will be going live to offer instruction about the creative process, creative theme, the business side of art, and a peek into the bigger picture of what being a creative human and creative entrepreneur looks like. There will also be Q&A opportunities to ask specific questions about courses and steps in the process. 

Creative Process Live Sessions

feature four

There are a lot of communities online these days, but ours will offer a commitment to creativity, to offering a safe, uplifting space for members, and an absolute pledge for it to be a compassionate, no politics zone for Creatives. It will also be an opportunity to build relationship and collaborations between other creatives across the artistic industries. 

Community, Connection and Networking

feature Three


One of the biggest struggles Creatives face, especially those seeking to embrace art as business, and definitely those just wishing to learn how to paint more impactfully, is finding compassionate, constructive critique. For those who wish to learn, I will be teaching this along with supporting critique groups in our membership. 

No one knows it all, not no one, not ever. One of the beautiful aspects of communities is learning from one another. We will be inviting guests in for artists talks, creativity chats, and panel discussions about mindset, business, creative freedom, and design. These experiences will add another layer of unique engagement and learning as we seek what makes our differences unique and relevant. 

Constructive, Compassionate Critique

Guest Speakers and Special Events

feature Five

feature seven

Online courses are such a great way to gain access to unique content and instructors. As a member, you will gain first dibs access to purchase spots in my new Creativity Courses, Mini-Courses, and Live Workshops before they launch. A range of painting subjects are on the horizon including portraits, abstraction, distortion, art journaling, and drawing for painters. For Creatives we will have DIY, Creativity Building, and Journaling Courses. There will also be a Business Club as well for those artists in the industry. 

First Dibs on Creativity Courses

feature nine

Creatives often struggle with confidence in what they say, in how they look, and in what they create. Learning to project creative confidence begins at the heart of believing our marks and our hearts matter. Our community will commit to being an uplifting place, offer tips and suggestions to battle that inner voice, and have experiences that model what creative confidence looks likes and why it is so important. 

Creative Confidence Building 

feature eight

Culinary Zoom Events

Feature Six


“Creativity can be a love language for anyone. Being able to draw has nothing to do with how creative you are. Being able to express yourself in a way that resonates your heart….that’s creativity in action.  ”

Connect with an inspiring group of creatives and build your network.

How does this sound?

Gain access to live instruction from Ardith Goodwin focusing on creativity, process, business, and Q&A



the results you're going to get:

Gain access to an engaging monthly book club experience focusing on creativity, art, business, and living well.


Gain access to monthly creative challenges, art swaps, pop ups, accountability groups, and Zoom Happy Hours.


Learn how to critique your own work and offer critique to others with compassionate, constructive feedback. 


Learn strategies and tips to conquer the challenging creative imposter syndrome 


Gain first dibs access to courses that teach you how to paint your version of different, tap in creatively for crafters, and experience lessons that promote the art of your version of simple living. 


How It Works

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Doors open the first week of the new year!

then this

A year from now they
will have wished they started today....

“"My husband says that I have learned much more from Ardith's online courses than he learned in four years as an art major in college. But what he can't truly appreciate is that Ardith naturally intertwines lessons in life with her caring, meticulous and joyful instruction. She has enriched my life beyond art. I am so grateful to her."”

Michelle Had a lasting Impact from ardith 

What Members Are Saying

“Ardith Goodwin is an indomitable art force. She teaches to all levels giving each of her students the attention they need at whatever level their talent may be at the moment. She coaches artists to reach for their individuality, giving them wings to fly. Her understanding of creativity is phenomenal, and she is so much fun."

Paulette loved working with ardith 

“”Even through the turmoil that existed throughout 2020- Ardith fostered creativity was able to promote an atmosphere of hope that was contagious. I was inspired to find my own point of view and delve into what fascinates me in my life and encouraged not replicate her style- but to discover and uncover mine."

Victoria Found Her Unique Style

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There is no life force as unique as your own. There will never be another you,  so your ideas are divinely unique. Let’s work together to figure how to believe that, how to embrace that, and how to take that belief and change our worlds. This world needs our unique version of beautiful. 

You're in the right place.

“Seeking to live a creative life doesn’t mean seeking to live a perfect life. On the contrary, it makes living an imperfect life richer and more fulfilling because we use our creativity to balance the hard parts. Creativity can be a super power. ”


Increase your creativity and problem solving skills on a daily basis.

Create artistic products with authenticity, skill mastery, and unique point of view. 

Be able to define what your version of beautifully different, compelling, or unusual is and know how to apply it in ways you love. 

Have a clear mindset strategy for believing your version of beautiful is important and needed.  

Know how to articulate your creative confidence to an audience and inspire them. 

Build stronger creative relationships and networks by engaging with other Creatives across multiple industries. 

By the end of The first year, you will...

I'm Ardith, just standing here watching you be awesome.

I absolutely LOVE helping other humans improve their creativity and create more uniquely. Pull up a chair and let's do that together. 

hey there!

But it wasn't always this way. 

I didn't go to art school, in fact, I was  a PE Teacher when I first started out, then I taught the littles. When I was at the top of my career my body gave out and I had to go on disability and give up teaching, so I turned to creativity for some sanity. 
That decision helped save my life and open the door for the life I live today...off of disability and giving back. 

My entire world changed when I began to believe that despite my physical challenges and lack of formal art education I could use my creativity to make a difference in this world. 

I don't have a magic potion, I just have a belief that we are all divinely created with a unique, creative gift for this world. That belief is step 1!

The Push Past Ordinary Society  is the only one of its kind because...

it helps you find your 1 in 8 billion uniqueness.

It takes the formula I created and used to find my own unique style, purpose, and voice and shares it in simple, understandable ways. 

It offers a safe, compassionate space to share your works in progress and receive constructive feedback on how to make your artwork or creative idea stronger. 

It connects Creatives from multiple genres and helps them learn from one another in ways that promotes unique, authentic points of view and approaches to living well. 

It gives you access to direct instruction from me as well as opportunities for Professional Services such as help with Artists Statements, Technical and Business Consultations, and One-on-One customized assistance to goal reaching. 

Creating a consistent creative habit.

Engaging and learning with other Creatives.

Creating artwork that is distinct and your version of different and beautiful.

Set some business goals and surpass them. 

Give yourself permission to create in that way that you love, with the things that you love, using tools that you love....with passion. 

Feeling more balanced, and rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

Finding time to do what you love most and saying no to the rest. 

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

Let's Do This Thing!


 Annual Payment Recurring Each
Year is an option

 Registration closes Oct. 4th
Message us at help@pushpastordinary.com
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Can I pay monthly for membership?

Sure! I offer monthly and annual memberships as well as a scholarship program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to participate in the Book Club? 

No, all of the free content that comes with membership is completely optional, including critiques. 

Are you going to offer online courses or workshops as well as community?

Absolutely! Self study courses and painting clubs will begin rolling out in January and live Mini-workshops will be offered as well. Members get first dibs on all workshops. 

Will their be opportunities for collaborations?

Indeed there will be! One of the things our community encourages and supports is collaboration and opportunities for creatives to work together. 

Do you teach live in your community?

I teach live once a month and offer a whole lot of recorded content and engagement in our special events. I also offer consultations and critiques. 

I am hesitant to ask for critique because I am a beginner, what can I do?

All of our critique experiences happen after members go through the critique training. No one is obligated and no critique will be given unless you ask for it. It is one of the best ways to learn, through compassionate, constructive feedback, how to improve your work. 

I have always struggled with not feeling my artwork is good enough, can you help with that? 

Yeppers! One of the things I offer to creatives is a way to flip their mindset so they begin to believe that their unique marks matter...in huge ways. It is why I am passionate about Pushing Past Ordinary!

Do I have to be a painter to be part of your community? 

Absolutely not. Our community is designed for ANY creative looking to learn ways to increase their creativity and develop their unique point of view. 


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My clients who take more than one course


Number of grey cells that are bent with creative insight from my students
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Still on the Fence?

let's do this

Message me and let's chat. I would LOVE to help answer your questions and see if you are a good fit for our Society.