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I sling paint, spin words, and inspire the helloutta folks to find their own version of beautiful.

what I do

Creating unusual, my one of a kind wall experiences for collectors is my version of what being tapped in looks like. Moving through the world creatively is how I process information that I use to inspire what, who, and how I paint. I also teach these skills to other Creatives....with a side of them teaching me 

Creativity is Powerful

I believe

Out of 8 Billion people in the world there is only 1 of each of us. We are each created divinely unique and our version of different, unusual, and beautiful is needed in this world. 
Let's start a push past ordinary revolution!

In people over profit

we believe

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what I value


We each have life experiences that are like no other. All of these offer us unique information for tapping in creatively. I teach beautiful humans how to access this, pull from it, and apply it to any type of creative pursuit they choose. The first step is believing that their version of different, unusual, or beautiful matters. 


As humans, we are hard wired for connection...with one another, with the earth, with energy, and with our spirits. I am committed to being a conduit for creative connection.  


Collaboration is the byproduct of community and connection. Bringing other Creatives together to connect and create is one of my passions!

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Over the past 17 years I have learned tons about how to become a 6 figure working artist. I am sharing my top 10 tips here! 

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