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Move the Line….Further New Workshop at OKCMOA


  Super excited to have the opportunity to offer a new workshop at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art in September!  Move the Line….Further is a four day intensive workshop for established acrylic painters who have a desire to take their current work further. Often times, painters get a bit stuck in finding their way […]

For many moons Christmas has been a challenge for me, a challenge for as many reasons as moon rises I would say. There have been beautiful moments and difficult moments, and because of this, this Christmas I opted to face this season a bit differently. The Madonna and Child memories of my childhood were all […]

When I close my eyes and consider what it would look like to take a week of respite in a country that is chock full of creative narrative, the shores of Ireland top that list. This coming June, I am deeply thrilled to offer a very special Travel, Gather, Create workshop at the beautiful Essense […]

What does it mean to be willing to wreck a piece you love to find the brilliance you stopped short of? A few years ago I painted the piece below as part of a sister/brother pair called “The Sentient Twins,” and I LOVED them. They are part of the children’s book I am ever so […]

\ Last week was a whirlwind of busy connection and experiences, the kind of days artists live for and are beautifully exhausted by. For the past three years I have had the tremendous pleasure of teaching an online class based around creative awareness. This week that course came to a close and I am retiring […]

What is it about abstraction that makes some folks swoon and some folks shake their heads?  From my painter’s point of view, I create abstract expression artwork for two reasons: First, to express my connection with the energy that flows through us, around us, and from within us, and Second, as a way of celebrating […]


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