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As a painter, there are moments in the studio when all is quiet and I lose track of time. Those can be really sweet experiences, especially if I am in the flow, but many days I seriously miss people. I miss their faces, their laughter, their hugs, and I miss the connection of hearts and […]

I have been asked so often when I would offer a face course in my self study options and today I launch a delightful lesson on how to use a dark to light technique paired with a simple sketch approach. This class has 10 videos to view and download for a year from July 28th, […]

Kandinsky is my all time favorite artist. Even before I knew who he was I had a connection to his color, shapes, lines, and structure in his artwork. The more I studied about him the more I learned what his world was like while he painted and constructed works from woodcuts to landscapes to non-representational […]

There Will Be A Time For Gathering Green 18″ by 24″ mixed media on paper Energy is palpable to me. The way it moves, the sources it comes from, and the impact it has on our minds, hearts, and spirits. I paint that flow of energy in my work and I sense it in quiet […]

  I was in the hospital many moons ago, having one of my umpteenth surgeries, and a nurse shared with me of her belief that God was in a rock. At the time I was completely puzzled but she was attempting to explain to me that she believed he was in everything, even that moment […]

 Lines fascinate me. Organic lines, geometric lines, que lines they all kind of rock my artistic and human world. A few months ago I taught The Outrageous Line as an online course and it was one of the most influential classes in regard to shifting expression and impact for painters. As an extension of that […]


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