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May 6, 2021


As a painter, there are moments in the studio when all is quiet and I lose track of time. Those can be really sweet experiences, especially if I am in the flow, but many days I seriously miss people.

I miss their faces, their laughter, their hugs, and I miss the connection of hearts and minds between one creative to the next. For the past 8 years I have been fortunate to have built incredible in person and online connections with painters and beautiful humans, and those experiences have helped create a rich lifewell for me.

Last year, due in a large part to Covid, our world shifted and with it Creatives had to shift too. We really couldnt gather like we were used to so we turned to our online hubs and families. How lucky we were to have them. As the year ended, I opened the doors to a creative experience called Gatherwell that changed my entire professional trajectory.

What it taught me was that connections, especially those online, that are based on creativity, collaboration, compassion, and the desire to uplift one another could be one of the highest and best uses of the internet that exists today. It got me percolating.

The year ended, 2021 kicked of loud and proud, and I got to work. Work that looked like dreaming and envisioning a much different community than I have ever built before, but one deeply rooted in what I love about being alive and what it looks like to Push Past Ordinary. This coming fall that vision is being unveiled and already a group of 82 Charter Members who share similar hearts and minds are going to see it come to life.


I couldn’t be more excited. I couldn’t be more eager because what I know like I am breathing is that the Gatherwell Experience combined with the courses of Push Past Ordinary are going to be a dynamic combo when it comes to gathering folks that are a tad bit weird, a whole lotta creative, and who love the hell outta life and living.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing my passion, my vision, and my dream with you all and inviting you to walk through the door with me. If you are the least bit intrigued and would like to follow along, snag a spot on my email list here. Sweet offerings will be going out to the early birdsare you wings ready?

Want to follow along more closely? Hit the links below to join me on Facebook or Instagram where I will spill the beans in the coming weeks!

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