Abstraction With A Side of Kandinsky

July 17, 2020

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Kandinsky is my all time favorite artist. Even before I knew who he was I had a connection to his color, shapes, lines, and structure in his artwork. The more I studied about him the more I learned what his world was like while he painted and constructed works from woodcuts to landscapes to non-representational abstraction.

This course will open the door for painters to learn a little bit more about him, what made him tick as an artist, and how he use internal and external inspirations to help him move the line. As we explore the path he took, we go on our own journey learning how to respond to our own life experiences and emotional connections through the use of color, marks, pattern, and composition.

There will be 6 weeks of instruction with over 25 downloadable videos and two hours of live instruction for each of the five weeks. We hang out in a private classroom on FB and a ton of teaching takes place there between what we share and the dialogue between student, teacher, and peers.

This course is designed for any painter, beginner to advanced, who wants to do a bit of committed practice over the next 6 weeks around representational and non-representational artwork. We will engage in lessons to learn how to get unstuck, what makes a strong finish, and have a chance to build a small series of compositions.

Our course begins July 27th! To register head over to my workshop page here!

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