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March 16, 2020

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Journal Prompts

Just Breathe

Guardian of the Realm

Its The Little Things

Its The Little Things Part 2 Brush Strokes Matter

An Uninvited Guest Brought Cheese


We Will Hatch Them

Your Version of Hope

Keep Looking Up

I Just Need Something Else

Did You Have Any Doubt?

Its The Final One

That Car Looks Like My Counter-Top

Uplifting Uplifting Uplifting

Three Red and One Yellow

The View Is Not So Bad From Here

We Just Missed Our Window

The Occasion Called For Purple Stripes

The Pink House Isnt Pink Anymore

What 10ft Really Looks Like

Invisible Connections of Time

Hold Tight To The Ones We Love

There Was A Mix of Lines and Blends

Bubbles Made Of Pine Straw

Take Your Time

See the Love

She Was Born For The Hunt

In the Wild, There Are Faeries

He Rode His Bike With One Less Wheel

I Cannot Get Over The Floor

7 Different Shades of Blue

Robbins Dance and Drink

Thats Kind Of A Cool Chair

Gears and Gears and One Tiny Cherry

Its Like A Giants House

The Critters Inside Us All

With Wings and a Unicorns Keys

Patterns of Grey and Green

There Will Be Days of Hard and Harder

At Least We Have A Way To Get In

Theres Really Not Much Room Here

Large Circles and Rainbow Squares

Jumbled Words Of Hope and Hope


You visit the moon with three things: A Large Thing, A Blue Thing, A Silly Thing

One Potato, Two Flamingos, Red Bananas, Door

He Grew a Rainbow And Sang A Tune

Purple Penguins Went To School And Met Pink Parrots

Draw A Picture Of Yourself Then Change One Thing

Sally Simpson Sailed Slowly Singing Sonnets

There Once Was A Black Box, The Lid Was Cracked Wide Open

7 Friends Trekked Through The Woods With Rainbow Colored Shoes

We Are All In This Together

Make Up A Silly, Silly Something With Stripes

She Chewed The Gum Found After 1 and Grew and Grew and Grew

Imagine Yourself Stronger Than A Giant With a Big Heart

There Are Aliens Building Fantastic Things With The Help of Owls and Dogs

We Pitched A Tent By The River and Fish Walked Slowly By

How Would You Help The World?

Draw What You See Through The Viewfinder

12 Monkeys Baked a Monkey Cake on Monday

The Child Grew Wings and Lassoed The Sun

Buckets of Flowers and Flowers and Flowers

If You Had One Super Power To Help Others What Would That Look Like?

Basic Supplies

On my first live feed I will chat a bit about the type of books I use, paper I love, and simple supplies. I will also be using:





Acrylic Paint

Gel Medium



and any other interesting thing within my reach that strikes my fancy

FB Live Schedule

(This schedule is FLUID due to the nature of changes in everything these days. The FB Live videos will be viewable for up to a year and you can view them through my public profile here: You do not have to friend me, you can simply follow my public posts and sign up for notifications as well.)

Monday, March 15th, 2 central

Wednesday, March 18th, 11 central

Friday, March 20th, 10 central (Bonus Lesson)

The Sunday Lesson Has Moved to Monday!

Monday, March 23, 1 central

The Wednesday Live Must Be Cancelled, Will Update You As Soon As Possible on Future Dates


If I look back over the past 15 years to a visual marker of something that has impacted my life in a huge way, one of those things would by my art journals. They gave me a place to wander, to explore, to hold words that I would never utter, and to be caretakers of my thoughts and ideas in ways that would offer life down the road. So much of that practice paved the way for my creativity to thrive, my visual voice to develop, and for a pattern of knowing who I am in person and as an artist to unfold.

Our days now are dicey, filled with the unknowing, the hope standing side by side with anxiety for some. Financially it has been a tough few weeks already so I knew, I knew like I am breathing, that I needed to journal through this time in history as a way to process and brain dump the many emotions, thoughts, and words whizzing by. I posted on FB the other day with the hashtag #journalthroughit and my amazing friend and artist Kimberly Santini messaged me. It resonated with her deeply. She is a journaler as well, and something said to her, lets share a bit of this with a bigger audience to light some rays of creative hope and practice for others.


I love how life just works that way sometimes. Because of the social distancing and changes in my professional life I moved my video center home. I am teaching from here now, and really gave some though to what Kimberly suggested, sharing some insight about our journaling practices so that we can all connect here instead of in person. My heart knew this path felt right and if the use of a journal can bring a bit of freedom or solace to any beautiful soul out there we needed to share a bit of the how and why of ours.

I will be winging the technical part of sharing on my own for a bit and she will be doing the same. There will be the laughter of children in the background or the occasional dog and chicken carrying on, but for the most part it will be us on different days chiming in on FB Live to share a prompt and a bit of background about our journals. The prompts are listed below, we both have different ones, and they are meant to be ones we connect with and process.

Our goal isnt really to teach you how to make pages like ours or send you running after a new product, it is meant for you to see how we use simple tools like crayons and paper, connected with a prompt, and then tap in to our creative exploration for a bit. There will not be step by step lessons, but more of an encouraging nudge, a window into our own process, and a request for you all to create and share in an effort to spread some creativity. Creativity is #goodmedicine and the more we use it the more it helps, we both know that. We will post a simple supply list below as well and we simply ask that you use the #journalthroughit hashtag when you share and invite others to do as well, even kids!

These are unique times to be alive, and there is a little flicker of hope inside me that as we face a turning point in our human history, it helps all of us make a turning point as well towards what really matters: family, friends, connection, hope, compassion, creativity, and sharing. I am up for all of that, how about you?


Here is a link to my first video where I chat about the different type of journals!

Here is a link to Kimberly Santinis video where she chats about her journals!

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