A Deep Dive for Expressionist Painters

July 27, 2018

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(This is the last in person workshop for 2018 in my studio)

For painters who thrive in the practice of creating non-representational abstracts, there is no one rule that drives that connection….except for passion. This art form is the ultimate experience of tapping in to our inner voice, through color, line, form, pattern, contrast, and texture. We paint what we feel, what we long for others to resonate with, and part of our hearts are left in every single brushstroke. 

One thing I learned as a full time working artist is that there would be a need, a deep desire to study and explore my point of view, techniques, and visual language with other artists in the industry. Shauna Meiri and I spent a good deal of time working through this together as peers, exploring our own framework and how the differences served one another.  We built an amazing 6 week online class and quickly realized the experience would transmit well with an offering to established painters for a deep dive in person. 

Expression Live is a four day, intensive painting workshop designed for serious artists wishing to not only connect with their peers, but invest in their own practice as a way of pushing themselves forward artistically and professionally. Six artists, two teachers, and a plethora of supplies combines to build an impactful week of study. More importantly, the week is designed to help each painter identify and articulate their own unique point of view as a visual artist. 

 Because the class is limited to a small, intimate number, one on one feedback, critiques, and techniques wrapped around the expressionistic painting practice of line, color, pattern, texture, and voice will be part of the daily study. You will have time to formulate your ideas, identify your unique marks, express your point of view in paint and words, and be guided in new directions that relate specifically to creating like you are called to. Through the use of art journals, quick studies, and technique studies, we will explore variations of ideas and then head to canvas ready for success. 

It isn’t a course for beginners and it isn’t a course to learn how to paint like us. It is a course for the painter who has a serious passion to paint their brilliance and commit to expressing an inward belief, thought, or emotion in a powerful, outward form. If this resonates with a hell yes, register now as there are a couple of spots left. If you have questions as to if you are ready or a good fit for this specific workshop, message me or Shauna and let’s talk! You can also pop over to my Facebook page and view a FB Live feed of Shauna and I talking about this course! 



What’s Included? 
Shauna and Ardith will both be teaching!
One on One Instruction
Substrates of paper, canvas, loose canvas ***
Paint Supplies
Marking Tools
Sketch Tools
Journal Supplies
Lunch on two days with other working artists at Central
Tickets to the Throwdown

Two years ago, Ardith competed in the Throwdown for the Mobile Arts Council yearly fundraiser and won. 5 artists, 90 minutes, in a ring painting it out. The pieces are then auctioned to the highest bidder and the top bid picks the winner. Shauna will be Ardith’s assistant as she competes  again in Throwdown 7 and tickets are included as part of the workshop!  


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