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May 18, 2018

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What is it about abstraction that makes some folks swoon and some folks shake their heads?

 From my painter’s point of view, I create abstract expression artwork for two reasons: First, to express my connection with the energy that flows through us, around us, and from within us, and Second, as a way of celebrating the beauty of complex systems and wonder. 

Not every human is wired to love abstraction, but for those who choose to create paintings that are non-representational abstracts, it brings us immense joy! I also love to give the viewer a great deal of visual information to consider. 

Marks of Time and Place by Ardith Goodwin

Abstraction comes in a gazillion different forms but at its core, the paintings are created by some combination of color, line, contrast, value, form, pattern, or texture. May 27th, Shauna Meiri and I will be co-teaching a 6 week online workshop which will offer a deep dive into the fundamentals and steps of strong, expressive, non-representational abstraction. 

Shauna Meiri’s Artwork

Through the use of downloadable videos and FB Live sessions, and an active learning classroom,  we are going to teach how to build, develop, and bring to fruition paintings that are created with a unique point of view from painters, coupled with some unique mark making and style options. 

This isn’t a course where you will learn to paint like us, although we do discuss our process a great deal, instead, we strive to teach each artist to paint in a way that fills their creative drive by asking big questions:

What colors do you love and wish to broaden their range of values?

What marks come innately and show up over time?

What emotions and intentions do you wish to express in an outward way?

What unique point of view are you bringing to the table to approach abstract expressionism?

How do you use the layering process to move your paintings from ordinary to dynamic?

What products and tools will serve us uniquely?

What are some simple tips and techniques that build strong fundamentals and shift your work to the next level?

These are some of the questions we will answer during our six weeks together and we both are quite excited to begin the journey! 

Yes, anyone can paint a non-representational abstract, but if you wish to paint in a way that is paired with authentic knowing and a strong skill set, this course might be just the one for you! Message me if you have questions, or follow this link to sign up! 


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