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July 12, 2017

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Moving through the world creatively is something we all do, we just may not be as aware of it as others. When we problem solve, when we think outside the box, when we organize our worlds in a way that produces unique outcomes, our creativity is engaged. Many folks feel that they are not creative because they cannot draw. Not so. Being able to draw is actually a technical skill that can be learned. Being creative, thinking creative, living creative, we all can do that, we just need to believe we can and practice it. 

Push Past Ordinary is a year long, online class that I have taught for two previous years. This year we kick off Round 3 in November! 

So who is this class for? 

Push Past Ordinary is for anyone wanting to improve your creative awareness as you develop your own, creative voice.

It is for anyone looking for specific creative behaviors to improve your creative thinking ability. 

It is for anyone looking to view the ordinary world through extraordinary lenses and use that way of seeing to serve you creatively.  

It is for anyone looking to improve their problem solving skills and become more adept at making connections, solving problems, and applying concepts in unique ways. 

It is for anyone wanting to live the question: Well what if I do this instead? 

Painters love the class because “learning to see creatively” is quite visually based, and they gain a ton of insight about the visual world around them and how they can use that to serve their own voice. 

Photographers love the class because it helps them see through their lenses in very unexpected ways, then apply those captures with different mediums and outcomes. 

Writers love the class because it challenges them to take visual cues and convert them to painting with words. 

Ordinary, beautiful humans love the class because it gives them the questions and behaviors to share with their kids, to inspire conversation, and look past the ordinary day to day processes of life. 

Thinkers and business folks love the class because it gives them strategies, vocabulary, and action plans to help them see connections, problem solving options, and perspectives that they can use creatively in the corporate world. 

I developed Push Past Ordinary because after teaching the young for many years with a Masters in Education, and using these behaviors in my own practice, I found that my creativity grew by leaps and bounds. This class is designed around what worked for me and it has worked for many over the past two years. 

There are a couple of things that make it work even better! 

Push Past Ordinary is built around creativity modules, weekly challenges, and an online community on FB that encourages accountability, offers tremendous support, and builds creative connections between people. Our community is a huge part of what makes this experience impactful and the more you choose to engage, the better your experience will be. 

(You can opt to take this class as a stand alone group. Message me for details.)

Changing behaviors over time takes consistency and practice. The challenges are built so that they can be simple or as complex as your creativity chooses. The timeline of the course builds understanding over time and that matters a great deal in the outcome. Like any important skill, the more we use it and practice it, the better we are at it. Creativity is no different. We gather for a year, with breaks, because that commitment pays off. 

The Details!
The yearlong course comes with: 

7 Creativity Modules containing 4-5 challenges

Each Module goes for 4-5 weeks, one challenge per week. 

Each challenge comes with an instructional video and PDF. By the end of the course, the ‘Ebook’ is approximately 200+ pages

There is a weekly Webinar for students to engage with me and discuss each challenge as a group. 

There is a secret FB Group where we share our progress, engage in classroom discussion, support one another, and explore the concept of creativity in all its glory. 

As an instructor, I choose to be highly engaged with my class every week!  You will need to friend me on FB to join.

Round 3 begins Nov. 19th, 2017


I do offer refunds up until the beginning of the course. Once the course begins, all sales are final.

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