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January 16, 2017

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I know for many artists, dreaming of having an art studio of their very own is something that keeps us up at night, I know it did for me. I have been blessed, thanks to my sweet hubs, to have my Outdoor Studio at Dulcinea, but for years I longed to have a space large enough for me to work full time painting and teaching workshops in. 2017 has opened up with a bang and I have acquired that space at  Central Presbyterian in Mobile. What this means is that I will be painting, teaching adults and some children, and hosting various and a sundry art events at my new digs! 

Now if you know me and my hubs, you know we love and adore finding use and value in the discarded. Starting a working studio and teaching center from scratch requires a whole lot of ‘stuff.’ Before I go out and purchase things, which I am finding crazy expensive these days, I really wanted to do a shout out to see if I could acquire some things that I can save, repair, refurbish, and bring some love to. That is where you come in! 

 (These are the colors going in my studio…..SWOONING!!!!! )

Below is a list of of items I am in need or want of. If you have any of these items that you are planning on giving to Goodwill, getting rid of, or are discarding I would LOVE to take a look. All I ask is that the electronics actually work! Message me at or give me a call if you have my #. It would make my day to have some well loved things in my studio and some great energy from friends and family! 

Can’t wait to get started and to open up! Stay tuned! 

3 6 Wooden Tables (must be at least 36″ tall and at least 36″ wide up to 60″) 
8 wooden chairs  bar stools (that I could paint)
8 wooden easels
metal or wooden storage containers in various sizes
flat file storage cabinet
wooden bookcase(s)
full size mannequin or mannequin parts
doll pieces or parts
old books with illustrations
coffee pot found
small dorm room fridge
old wooden rocking chair
rolling tv cart
fabric scraps
milk crates 
old wooden/velvet sofa 
various and a sundry wood planks or pieces 
old buttons
any other ‘odd or artistic’ object that you are getting rid of 😉 
3  lamps that could be repainted 
plastic containers (qt. size or larger)  
glass baby jars
Talenti jars
40 tennis balls 

Shoot me a message if you have any of the above you wish to get rid of

Thanks y’all!

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