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January 5, 2017

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 Framework is something I talk about so much when I share my art journey. Out of all of the things I have learned while painting over the years, understanding my personal and technical frameworks were the things that altered my style and passion more than any other. They in essence transformed who I am as an artist. 

A huge part of learning to paint and create from a unique point of view comes from learning what we are drawn to, what we are captivated by, and what point of view is uniquely ours. This online course is designed to bring that knowing into clarity and give you the tools and skills needed to move forward with a deeper understand of your own Framework and how to identify the ideas that are beautifully different. 

Over the course of an intense 8 weeks, we will dive into  group sessions through video conferencing, video instruction, and daily practice to fine tune, engage, and shed light on our frameworks. It will be exciting. There will be a lot of soul searching. And there will be a lot of growth as an artist, but more so as humans who move through the world with creative lenses

will get nudged in the direction of learning how to alter your
ideas, problem solve concepts, and push past ordinary when it comes to
what you create and how you create it. This workshop will help you move
toward uniqueness in your practice….yes it will.

The video series will cover the basic fundamentals for beginning to paint with a strong foundation. Which tools, products, and pigments work well together will be a focus and how to manipulate all of those to create paintings which align with our framework. We will meet weekly, by Skype, to challenge one another and add support from a place of commonality. 

Our video conferencing will have a daytime option and an evening option to accommodate those with challenging schedules. The group itself will be hosted in a private FB group to give us a place to foster ideas and share insight. 

There will also be a One on One option to purchase which comes with phone access and one hour video conference with me for those artist needing specific, personal direction as well!

If you are a painter who is frustrated by ‘ordinary or similar’ and are seeking a way to break through that frustration this class would be a great option for you. 

If you are a painter who deeply wants to create from a personal point of view but unsure how to do that this workshop would also be a great option for you! 

It does take a time commitment of 8 weeks, so if you are the least bit hesitant message me and let’s talk about your specific needs at

Twice this year I will teach this workshop. The first session kicks off February 13th and goes to April 3rd. The second session kicks off July 3 and goes through the week of August 28th.  




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