Wrapping The Summer

August 10, 2015

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I had ideas of what I hoped to accomplish this summer when the school year closed. 

I wanted to paint full time, I did. 

I wanted to teach workshops, I did.

I wanted to work toward building my solo show for November, I did. 

I wanted to travel and work with artists one on one, I did. 

I wanted to grow as an artist and a professional, I did. 

I wanted to be in a show at the Mobile Museum of Art, and I was!

I wanted to paint with magical young ones, and I did! 

And I wanted to spend time with family, new friends, and be present, and I did. 

I didn’t achieve everything, but I came pretty close! 

This summer was hot as heck….there were days I thought I had lost my mind to be painting outside but I was determined to paint large and my only option was my outdoor studio, so I sucked it up and made the best of it. What that taught me was huge. Nature is important to my creativity, working hard adds a ton of confidence to my heart, and facing challenging circumstances builds character. 

I am deeply grateful to have had the time. 

The paintings that I created were beyond what I had visioned. They were tied into my creative framework, totally connected to story, and really helped my heart understand that painting is my path and teaching is my path as well. I am proud of what I accomplished, beyond proud, and tomorrow I head back to the classroom to kick an amazing year off. 

Facing forward is important to me so I have chosen to let go of some social networking things such as groups and pages and engagements that I don’t have time to engage in well. This was hard, I adore my connections, but when we choose to seek a path that requires commitment and passion, sometimes sacrifices are needed. I am up for that. 

Looking ahead you will see a lot more of me here. 

I want to share my struggles and joys of getting a solo show ready and launched.

I want to share with I learn as I grow through the occupation of being a full time painter and teacher. 

I want to keep sharing my love of art journaling, the techniques that keep me tapped in, and share some videos with you all about process and freedom. 

In essence, sharing with you here has moved up on my priority list, and that excites me. 

I am on a journey…one of beautiful marks, courageous impact, and a heart filled with the belief that if I work hard enough, apply myself, and dream a little I can achieve what I set out to. I am deeply grateful that you have chosen to take the journey with me. 

Stay tuned, I am just getting started 🙂 

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