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July 14, 2015

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One of the things I do weekly and teach my students in my workshops is the value of a quick study using older work. I have tons of what I call my “Under The Bed Series” of work and they are prime targets for revisiting with fresh eyes. 

Here is an older abstract I did two years ago on paper. I was exploring texture and the colors of the sea. It was ho hum at best for me, didn’t captivate the heart, but it taught me a lot so there was a great deal of value in it.

Here is the new piece now after revisiting it for a quick study. Setting a timer, choosing a genre, and visiting the basics of value, contrast, and loose lines teaches me a great deal. 

“Figure In Blue” by Ardith Goodwin

The goal isn’t a masterpiece. The goal is to practice, to stay loose, to connect with fundamentals, and to create pieces that will become the stepping stones toward discovery and growth. 

I will be teaching workshops in Mobile, Tulsa, and in Austin in the next 9 months. Click on the image below for some details if you are interested. 

Happy Painting Friends! 


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