Impact! Painting Workshops With Ardith Goodwin

July 3, 2015

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One of the questions that I keep hearing a lot from my adult students, both in person and online, is “How Do We Make Our Work More Impactful?” 

A beautiful and important question this is and one that is so relevant to so many painters these days. For the beginner, it comes from tapping into your own creative perspective, having a ton of fun getting familiar with the painting process, and being brave to show up and practice. For the advanced painter, it is an understanding about composition, concept, technique, and mastery of skills. 

IMPACT! is an acrylic workshop that blends both the joy of the beginner painter with the fundamentals and skills of the more advanced painter so that students gain a strong understanding of the strategies connected with creating paintings that resonate in powerful ways. 

IMPACT! is offered as a 2 or 4 day workshop! 

We will explore mixed media strategies connected to mark making and painting loose! 

We will dive into the study of what strong composition looks like and how to capture that! 

We will explore the delicious world of glazing and layering for contrast and value with the use of liquid acrylics! 

We will paint on paper and canvas, learn how prep work can transform the outcome, and explore the world of products that make our job easier. 

We will bend our grey cells a bit and discover how Creative Perspective can be the key to creating a unique work of art which is one of the most important aspects a painter can grasp based on Intention and Framework.

We will learn how to view contemporary and master works of art and identify the techniques and elements the artists used to capture the mind and heart of the viewer. 

We will gather, sling paint together, and enjoy a journey of learning and growth as painters, as artists, and as creatives. Each workshop will be a tad different than the others based on the needs of those attending as well, so you will get personalized attention for your process. 

The Juicy Tidbits:
Some supplies are provided, but not all. A list is given upon registration. 

Each participant receives an Ebook containing core components of topics and resources covered during our workshop. 

2 Day Workshop Fee is $275
4 Day Workshop Fee is $550

All painting and paper supplies (excluding canvas) can be provided for an additional $120 supply fee which is especially helpful for those who are traveling by plane for 2 or 4 day workshops. 

For others there is an “All In” option for students who wish to have a one hour video consult with me prior to the workshop to review portfolio/website/professional goals, have all supplies included, along with the workshop options. This option is often helpful for those who are working as professional artists, seeking gallery representation, or diving into the world of selling their work for the first time. 

The All In Option is $850 and is offered for 4 day workshops only.

Upcoming Impact! Workshops:


Mobile, Al. February 10-13 THIS CLASS IS FULL!


Tulsa, Oklahoma March 10-13, 2016 
Hardesty Art Center
101 East Archer St. 

Tulsa is Full!




Refund Policy:
60 days prior to workshop there is a 75% refund 
50 days prior to workshop there is a 50% refund
40 days prior to workshop there is a 25% refund

There is no refund less than 30 days before workshop due to the costs of plane tickets and travel fees to set up the workshop. 

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