52 Week Creativity Awareness Curriculum

February 26, 2015

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For as long as I can remember I have moved through this world as a creative. As a child my vivid imagination helped me create worlds I live in, even to this day. As a student throughout my academic journey, creativity has helped me consider ways of being and living and solving problems that gave me a leg up on the ordinary. As a teacher of the young, I was one of ‘those’ teachers who tended to think outside every shape just to find a way to make the point and capture the imagination of my little ones. As a full time artist, learning to tap into the creative wells that I have discovered has been transformative in my own, unique point of view. And as a human, creativity has given me the tools and methods to achieve a beautiful life and love others in ways I never thought possible.

CREATIVITY has given me the pathway to move from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one.

So how does all of that relate to a class that can help you?

What I found through the practice of using my creativity every day, teaching others in the creative writing fields and the visual arts fields, and teaching the young is that teaching creative thinking and creative awareness is absolutely something that can be taught, can be learned, and can be mastered….even if you are one who feel you have no creative bone in your body. It isn’t about drawing realistic, although you could. It isn’t about writing a novel, although you could do that too. It is about developing a new way of seeing and moving through the world, and learning ways to apply that knowledge to what and how you live. 

The curriculum I have developed works in a cumulative way. Each week we meet on Monday afternoon in a private classroom on FB, you receive a written challenge based on very specific visual arts and creative thinking skills and practices.  You then move throughout the week seeking out the challenge and following the steps. As your practice grows, you share your insight and discoveries in group and a dialogue about creativity, awareness, perception, and nuance begins to grow. That dialogue is golden. 

Through the dynamic of a support group and accountability classroom, along with the discussions about what it means to live creatively, your creativity begins to expand.

It doesn’t take hours to accomplish. It doesn’t involve gobs of homework. It simply requires a commitment to learn, an eagerness to share, and a practice to apply what you learn over time.

As the weeks go by, huge shifts will begin to occur and together, we will explore ways for you to apply what you are learning to your writing, to your teaching, to your painting, to your photography, to your business, or to any part of your world where enhanced creative insight can be applied.

You might just find life to be a whole lot more beautiful, a whole lot more fascinating, and a whole lot more full of your own creative wonder!

So who is this class for? 
Teachers (Homeschool Teachers too)
Business Professionals 
And ANYONE wishing to change their mindset that they aren’t creative. 

For the beginner, they will learn they are creative.

For the experienced, they will increase their skill sets. 

For the professional, they will gain much greater insight into their own artistic point of view which, when applied, will mean greater knowing and reach in their craft. 

For the Homeschool Teacher or Beginning Art Educator they will learn a visual language and teaching strategy to share with the young. 

So what’s the scoop about signing up?

First, you will need a FB account so that I can add you to our secret classroom. (If you are not a fan of FB, you don’t even have to tell folks you have the profile, you can join our classroom quietly.)

The entire 12 month program is $120. That is ten bucks a month for a really in depth, practical study of increasing your own creative brilliance!

In the mean time….start counting down the days for our classroom to kick off!!! If you are interested in other online and in person classes that I offer, you can view that info HERE! 

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