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February 18, 2015

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Finding a unique mark making tool to me is like finding the Golden Egg on Easter….a prize that puts a smile on my face so wide it might crack open. I constantly seek them out, and lately, I have been making quite a few. Last week, I opted to try making some with ceramics, and I had no idea what I was doing, I just knew I wanted to make some. 

What I gave great thought to were two things: 

1. How they would feel in my hand.
2. The type of mark they would make. 

It was harder than I thought, but I am all about seeking out a challenge, so I mushed and molded and considered what type of mark each design would make. 

I created ones that marked and that could be used for stamps. 

I created ones with little circles and big circles. I even created one with the head of a hawk because I have a thing for hawks….they are good medicine in my world. If I have a deep connection with a tool, I am more likely to use it. 

Below are the finished pieces, and they look a bit like candy lol. 

I played around with them today, made some marks, made some stamps, and overall I am a believer. They didn’t all work like I thought, but the surfaces that worked well made me swoon. The weight of them felt really good in my hands too, so that was a win win. 

Here are the test papers where I played around with the marks. Many of the marks are organic type lines, but the pulled print off the marks, that is luscious. They are worth their weight in gold just for the print marking aspect! 

Sample of the marks

Sample of the pulled print marks

After I got finished with those, I made some little weird heads, because I like little weird heads. The ears look as if they would make funny marks. We shall see!

Most likely I will go back to the drawing board and refine my designs but I have to say, as mark making tools go, they are some of my top faves! 

After playing with my tools, I cranked up the Native American flute music and let my heart lead me on a romp. It led me to this piece…..  “Walk of the Cherry Picker” 10″  by 10″ acrylic on paper

Lovely way to end a play session. 

Hope you make time for some play in your world these days, it is so very important! 

If you have kids, you can also let them create their own mark making tools out of potatoes, carrots, and broccoli….broccoli makes great tree marks. (just don’t eat them afterwards 🙂

Looking Ahead:
Huge news coming your way about new workshops I will be offering in Seattle this summer and one year long classroom to teach creative awareness! Stay tuned! 

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