First Art Journal Page of 2015 Speak Your Truth

January 2, 2015

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I can’t recall a year that I was so excited to begin.  2014 was pretty close, but in all of my 47 years, 2015 has the rumblings of being one of my most significant and exciting career wise. For that, I am already grateful. 

I took the last few weeks off to spend time with family and be present in the moment of the Christmas season, but as the year came to an end, the excitement of what this year will hold began to get the better of me and I couldn’t wait to kick it off by getting my fingers in some paint and writing. 

My altered book that I have worked on over the past year is close to fruition and as I perused the pages that were left, I immediately connected with the image of the two men showcased in “The Hidden Fortress” recollective. They were escorting the princess and her general across enemy lines, although they didn’t know that, and the lack of knowing and attachment to greed struck a chord. 

As I looked over the pages I first began to understand that I have a common bond with them, and I think we all do. No one is perfect, I tend to let ambition, and what could be, get the best of me so as I began marking through the pages using Asemic writing, I felt the concept of truth bubble up towards the surface. This brought me back to a time when I wasn’t sure what the truth was, I struggled with it, I doubted it, I ran from it, I camouflaged it. 

Not anymore though. This time, in these days, I know like I am breathing what my truth is. Two figures are at play on this page, one that speaks the truth and one that doesn’t. Because of my faith and daily practice, I understand the difference between the two….smallness vs. bigness, hopelessness vs. belief, fear vs. courage. In our humanness we wane between the two but ultimately, if we walk upon a foundation of trust, we begin to identify the subtle differences between these two voices. 

Art journaling is where the magic happens for artists who use them. They can be our playgrounds, our best friends, our hidden fortresses of fears and thoughts and ideas that are meant for no one else but ourselves. They can also be the impetus for amazing paintings and influences for larger work, which for me, is the light to my path these days. 

2015 gives me another slate, another set of 365 days to walk the earth sharing love and light and all things Ardithian. Today, my prayers are full of gratitude that you all have walked with me this far and I look forward to the days, weeks, and months ahead. Here is the finished page: 

I speak my truth boldly this year…..with confidence, with grace, and with a love for others. For things to come I will be eagerly launching new offerings this year to work with artists looking to go from amateur to professional. There are plans in the works for a studio and I am also opening the doors to take my practice on the road….which makes the hair on my head stand up with a hell yeah! 

If you are a creative, or an artist, or one who simply loves to foster those two things in others, join me in this walk to paint the world more beautifully one heart at a time. 



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