21 Secrets Kick Off Week!

April 1, 2014

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Did you hear that? If you heard someone hooping and hollering with glee then you most likely heard me all the way from Alabama being thrilled that this week has finally arrived. 

21 Secrets 2014 Kicks off April 1 and the workshops are going to be amazing! Each one seems to flow into the next and the Ebook is 170+ pages full of art journaling bliss. To celebrate, I went to the flea market and scrounged around to find just the perfect journal, so when my eyes landed on this baby, I thought I had won the lottery. 

This book, when opened, is 16″ by 18″ which is huge for a journal, but I love huge journals so I couldn’t be more pleased to get to work in this. Each page on the left has a different skyscraper so I will have a grand time figuring out how to incorporate each page into each workshop. 

If you are unfamiliar with 21 Secrets you can go HERE to read all about it and then come back here because I have FABULOUS news! I am going to give away one free membership to 21 Secrets!!!!! All you have to do is leave me a comment below by 5pm central time April 1st and you will be entered. That’s a $98 dollar value and you get to keep the EBook forever! 

Along with the workshop kicking off tomorrow, I had a super sweet opportunity open up this week for 21 Secrets Live. One of the teachers had to drop out so Connie Hozvica asked me to fill in and I was more than happy to. Wednesday, I will be hosting a 90 minute live workshop on Spreecast as one of the teachers for this season. In July, you will be able to purchase the entire workshop as a downloadable file  and view all of the 21, 90 minute workshops. Being able to actually watch and listen to the instructors has been fascinating so I get to play along in my journal and join in that fun. You can learn more about the 21 Secrets Live workshops HERE. 

And as if that isn’t enough, I finally, finally had a chance to finish one of my new pieces in my series “Ardithian Voices.” 
This body of work begins a journey where I take my journal pages and bring them to life on a very large scale. Over the next year I will be diving into the process of making my smaller pages gain visual impact. As I painted  “A Shift of the Heart” above, it was as if my heart, skills, and spirit just fell into a beautiful place, one that I have missed for a long time. 

This is where I had started. 

I changed the face here, and started increasing my layers as well as considering what message I felt this piece was conveying. 

The touch of the hand made me realize just how powerful our touch is, it shifts the heart, and being aware of that is so vitally important. The text behind the figures head says this: 

“We have such a powerful impact on others, through our touch, our bodies, through our very heart. We hold the power to express love to others, and in doing so, helps another heart impact someone as well. One touch shifts the heart forever.”

I am so looking forward to meeting many of you through the 21 Secrets Workshops, lets go sling some paint together! 
CONGRATULATIONS TO JACKIEP NEAL!!!!! You are the winner of the 21 Secrets 2014 membership! I want to extend a HUGE thank you for everyone who commented and encouraged me with my art, I am deeply grateful. For all of you who left a comment, I will be creating a special mini lesson on video along with a PDF just for you at the end of the month! Message me your emails at ardithgoodwin@gmail.com 

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