October 9, 2013

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For the past month one of my dear friends, Terri Keller and I, have been swapping canvases back and forth in preparation for Art(ology)’s Collaborart Show for Artwalk October 11th. We each started the canvases with random marks, collage, or paint and added our own influence with each swap. This was WAY harder than I thought because I was worried, “Am I covering up too much of her work?” The entire process was a great learning experience because it made me really evaluate how I go about deciding what is important enough to keep in a painting and what is worth letting go of. 

Here are the process images for each piece! They are now on display at the gallery and will be part of the show Friday evening. 

First Round of Ardith’s Marks
Second Round of Terri’s Marks
Final Version of Ardith’s Piece
First Round of Terri’s Marks
Second Round of Ardith’s Marks/Collage
Final Round of Terri’s Piece
Up Close Detail

Our pieces are hanging next to the collage Phyllis Henson and Lynn Weeks created, amazing work all around! Hope you will come out and join us Friday evening!

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