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September 20, 2013

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29 Faces Day 19 

Sometimes I come across an older art journal page that I started but failed to finish, or an image that calls out to be worked into my journal and this page was one of those that called. My hubs is building a cottage in the woods made of recycled materials and is a total tree hugger, literally, it pains him to cut a tree. It has given me pause in our many years to connect with him in that way and understand the link he has with living things. He sees them, he respects them, he honors them as equals, and I do believe he loves them. 

It is inspiring to watch a soul walk this earth with a connection to nature that is so deep, so instinctive. I chose to consider all of that as this page evolved, the roots we all share with every living thing, and the beauty of life itself. If I could reach out to the younger generation I would share with them how fragile and spectacular life is, every living thing, every essence of life. 

From a technique point of view, I used fluid acrylics, oil pastels, watercolor pencils, and red and black ink. The timer was set as well, meditate, listen, consider the inspiration and then let the paint flow. #grateful 

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  1. Debbie says:

    So beautiful! Both your art and your words . . . and what a dear hubby you have. <3

  2. Coreopsis says:

    Lovely! I like how this image grew out of the earlier one of the trees. It does seem to be a celebration of life.

  3. Ila East says:

    I love to hear how a project starts and comes together. I really like the story behind this one.

  4. Debbie says:

    Lovely. Your process is intriguing. I love the mysterious face. Very nice!

  5. Shirley Douglass says:

    Oh yes I love this! Tree hugging is a good thing and I love this work. What a wonderful hubby you have!

  6. Cozycomfycouch says:


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