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June 12, 2013

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Proust is not a writer I am well read in, not at all in fact, but I am aware of the quotes he is known for that appear in my streams on social networks quite often. When I turned my journal to the page showcasing the portrait done just before his death, it made me stop, pause, and wonder enough to take a closer look at his influence, and his impact in the written word. 

There were a few quotes that resonated with me, especially those relating to illness, and I felt a quick connection to him for the simple commonality we shared in that regard. With that said, I wasn’t ready to oogle over him until I had studied enough to form a better opinion, so I spent some time sketch and considering the limited info I had about him. 

I started with sketching the robot that I adore, and opted to look in the mirror and do a quick sketch of my face. Wasn’t trying to nail the likeness, just wanted to get the structure somewhat solid. I then chose to give each figure a space ball helmet which reflected encapsulating ideas, thoughts, memories, and feelings. 

The more time I spent painting my journal page, the more I realized how much I wanted to know more about this writer. His words resonated with me, of illness, of love, of overcoming challenges, and of intellect. I thought the juxtaposition of the automated robot was tell tale in that living life to the fullest can not be accomplished if we simply go through the motions, so I was pleased with the play on images as well as words in this. 

The colors and patterns of text I find interesting on this page and I am swooning over the mix of pink these days. Not sure why, it is just a color that I am loving and get excited about lately. The use of satin acrylics and Chart Pak Ad markers are still my favorites, and I also threw in some Molotow paint pens as well. This journal is coming along nicely and is turning out to be a work of art that is revealing a bit about myself as an artist and opening the gigantic world of art history quite well. I am glad for both. 

You can view the entire journal here!

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