The Illusion of Beauty Painting

June 11, 2013

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A friend asked me if I painted totally intuitively or if I had a plan and the answer was yes, and yes. What I mean by that is, I paint within a framework and then let the intuitive nature of the piece evolve, so I do both. When I first started just painting on the fly, I made a mess, not a pretty mess, and wasted a ridiculous amount of paint. That led me to rethink the process and consider how I could adapt my practice to still explore the intuition, but within more of a set framework, and I love this process. 

I had in mind three pieces of a framework for this piece, the color palette, the loose brush strokes and runs, and I wanted to sketch myself looking in the mirror. Past that, I was open to where my spirit would take me and where the images would as well. At first, it was simply fun to sketch, not a pretty attempt, but to capture the face quickly felt solid and done. I then began to reflect on my colors, and rather than force a mood, allowed the colors and line to influence the mood. 

What occurred to me as the main figure evolved in comparison to the ballerina was that there was a juxtaposition between the concept of beauty, and how that might play out to someone struggling with their inner self. The expression can be taken in a number of ways, and I leave that for the viewer to decide. Ultimately, the dialogue of emotion and mood compared with the looseness of the line and color work to convey or move the viewer. Regardless of direction, I am totally pleased with the idea that pretty is not what I aimed for. 

This piece is 4 feet by 4 feet and is filled with many details that can’t be seen digitally. If you are local and head out to Artwalk o the 14th, stop by Art(ology) and you can see it there, in all its beauty 😉

After letting this piece rest in the gallery over the past month I felt inclined that it had served its purpose but was so not meant to remain melancholic. I opted to work through it in a figurative way, keeping the name, but embracing the abstract nature of beauty rather than the melancholic approach to the painting above. I love my changes, always eager to not marry a piece of artwork before its time, and ever so willing to embrace change. 
Worked on the marks and layers at Art(ology)
Finally finished! 
3 feet by 3 feet acrylic on canvas, “The Illusion of Beauty”

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  1. Ila East says:

    You don't know how much seeing how your work evolves has made my work more free. I always had this idea that an artist had a vision for the finished work, and then just produced it. I never realized that people would redo or rethink their projects until it was finished. And maybe in an entirely different direction from where it started. Thanks so much for letting us se the process.

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