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June 8, 2013

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This page flew into submission, unlike the figure on the page, lol. Rather than going completely by the seat of my pants, I had two distinct techniques to work on with this page, first, I wanted to use a warm color palette for the most part and second, I wanted to add spheres to alter the depth perception. Beyond that, I was pretty unclear about which way to head, so I opted to sketch two heads and a bird….just for the helluva it.

As the faces evolved, I started to sketch the chair in front of me as well, and when I got a hint of the emotional tension between the two figures I decided to add a birds nest in the chair between the two, just to add to the connection of life, possibility, and safety. 

Golden fluid acrylics were my first round of paints and my Copic marker just flows on like butter, so I can safely say those two combinations are my favorite. In addition to that, I added a little coffee to my titanium white to flesh up that color and antique a few places. 

Before I added the text I thought long and hard about what should go inside the circles. Because I wanted to bend my text a little I chose to put the text in them, and since I loved this look so much I will be using this technique in some canvas work, therefore, the sphere test paid off. 

There is no personal message on these pages, just a play on words from what was there, The Sound of Silence, and what I created. This page taught me the value of this color palette and the value of the depth of spheres, two skills I will be using often. 

You can view my entire journal process on my FB Album Here

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