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June 3, 2013

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Yesterday we spent a glorious, but hot day out at the lake. My hubs did not let the heat deter him and he fished with great success, catching several bass. I, on the other hand, who was usually the best fish catcher of the family, lol, only caught one Bream…so I decided to sketch him and the cricket, since the cricket was determined to get away. Poor thing. 

The page I chose was actually an earlier sketch of a few tomatoes in front of the fish pond, but the mosquitoes the size of my head were ready to take me away so this sketch lasted all but two minutes…hence the mess. I simply used it as a background. 

Sketching the fish was rather odd, as he was still breathing, and part of me felt a tinge of cruelty. Then again, I realized that if we didn’t fish our lake the population would be too large and I was pretty fascinated by fish anatomy at the moment, to say the least. As I sketched, the fish on the line twirled, so I had to work fast and loose, mainly focusing on the contours. 

Later on I went back when the fish was still and caught up on some details, and then wrote a bit about catching fish. I really wanted to find a way to use the chaotic background, and working with it for a sense of water turned out to be a great study. I love to scribble, scratch, mark up my work and all of these colors and marks just seemed to flow. 

It’s an odd page, but I wasn’t going for pretty, or even a work of art. I was going for getting a close to realistic sketch of the fish from many points of view, and then learning how my markers would blend with and without water. The study was successful and the fish were delicious. 

I also managed to capture a sketch of my hubs catching the big one, 🙂 


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