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May 31, 2013

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When I turned to these two pages I had no insight as to how I would tie them together. They were on my pile of ‘least favorites’ for this book, so I wasn’t emotionally attached to any part of them like I am with a few other pages. To help my gut make a call, I rotated the image a few times and then decided to land on the structural lines in the hallway and a few figures on the right. It also helped that the three main focal points which you see in the finished page were sitting on my desk in eye shot….calling my name. 

First thing I did was decide where the three faces would go, then, ever so slowly I began to sense a message in these two pages. What dialogue were they having? Was it in relation to one another, to their surroundings, or to other people. It gave a an idea, or more so a recollection of conversations that are all to familiar in our day and time….those of comparison. 

As I painted, marked, glued, and penned, I began to wonder why we are so critical of ourselves and one another. What is it within our species that triggers a need to compare the differences rather than the commonalities? Why do we make fun of or gossip and call it humor? Why don’t we instinctively see people and notice the beauty, the potential, the good in them? I considered these questions in light of my own actions, as I am a participant in this folly as the next person, which makes my heart twinge.

The answers to these questions are not the point of the page, as I believe they will be different for every person. The point was to bring awareness in my own spirit the consideration of why, at times, I don’t follow my inner voice when it screams “Ardith, this isn’t the best way to think or talk about people.” If you know me, you know I am not one who makes these types of comparisons often and work hard at being compassionate, but I do digress, I am human, and I simply paused today to consider why. 

I like the page. The juxtaposition of the figure in black along with the stone figures from long ago were unique to consider this subject. Art Journaling can help us heal, I believe it can also be a vessel for awareness, and awareness is the first requirement for a ticket of change. 


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  1. Monique's Life's True Colours says:

    Wow! You, your story and your page really touch me…
    And yes, I agree, awareness is the first step. For me I like to ad something to that, awareness without judging oneself. As you mention, we are all human…
    Thanks for sharing this page. <3

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