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May 29, 2013

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This book has a surprise on pretty much every page it seems and when I turned to the pages showcasing Hausmann and Hannah Hoch it did not disappoint. Although the bio was a bit short on both, it gave me enough intrigue to seek out her history and I came to realize that she and Hausmann were both some of the beginning pioneers in the art of photomontage, which is a type of collage that I adore. 

Their history wasn’t the impetus for this page, the gathering of strong women was. This morning, our bible study group had its year end luncheon and as I sat there looking at all the women, listening to their stories of grace, of survival, of faith, and of connection, I realized rather quickly how blessed I was to be connected with such a strong, loving group of women….and I couldn’t wait to sketch the moment as to hold it in my memory with much regard. 

Graphite Sketch

As I sketched, I read the paragraph about Hannah that explained how she lived in an enchanted cottage, surrounded by vegetation, fruit trees, periodicals from the 20”s, and various and many types of ephemera, almost as a record keeper of sorts, and I felt an instant connection with her. She was much more than that, was a woman who had strong convictions in the feminist movement and disregarded societies concept of beauty a great deal. It was those traits that I found the sisterhood with her, her strength, her boldness of creativity, her determination to not follow the status quo, and her love of collage.

Black lined it with marker

As my own art journal page progressed I gave a lot of thought to the connection we women have and found that it is probably one of the most important things we share with one another. My heart also goes out to those women who aren’t blessed with a group of at least one or two really deep friends, or who were not raised by strong, loving women. This makes life a much more lonely walk, not impossible, but one where the lack of support is noticed at times.

Added a wash and collage element

 I enjoyed this page, learning about these two Dadaist’s and most of all, making a visual record of a connection and memory that is sacred to me. Art journaling is far more than drawing and painting, it is visual form of record keeping that moves the reader, or creator, past the point of ordinary into extraordinary living. I am blessed to know it.

Added watercolors, acrylics, ink, collage, tape transfer, and neon paint pens.
As excited as I am about this page, I am over the moon, glowing with pride, and pleased as punch to let you know I was showcased on the Mixed Media May website today! For the month of May a different mixed media artist is showcased and I was interviewed. It felt great seeing my words, ideas, and way of life on a page with so many accomplished artists and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my process with you all. It’s a great place to find new artists to follow as well, check it out! 

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  1. Ruth Guthrie says:

    I love seeing the process of your painting. I'm so inspired by this

  2. Ardith Goodwin says:

    Thank you Ruth, I am so glad! Hope you are inspired to create a book of your own!

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