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May 16, 2013

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I adore the young people in my life and one of those young ladies, Miss Meg Alexander, invited me to her art show at her local school today, and it thrilled me to see her excitement for the arts, her talent, and to know how well she and her classmates are being educated in the arts. 

Meg’s mom is a dear friend and has taken art classes from me, and as Meg has explored the new horizons in art the past few months I began to notice that she has a really mature eye for composition and a mature perspective to discuss the arts for a young lady her age. As a self taught artist myself, seeing the younger generation actually getting to experience art and be educated in it when so many schools are cutting the art programs does me good. It makes me have hope that there are many places where we still value the arts and hold it dear, even within a public school system. 

Meg completed several remarkable art projects this past semester including throwing her own bowl in pottery class, painting a replica of Monet’s work, using geometry to create an underwater scene, and using a grid system to draw and paint a version of Mary Cassatt’s piece. The entire show was amazing, considering how young the students were, and I couldn’t have been more proud of Meg and what she had accomplished. 

I hope her aptitude for art and her eye for composition continue to grow and develop and one day I will be visiting Meg’s work in her own gallery! For today, I was thrilled to be able to view it next to her other classmates, they did a great job and hats off to their teacher as well! 

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